Release 0.123#


  • Remove node-scheduler.location-aware-scheduling-enabled config.

  • Fixed query failures that occur when the optimizer.optimize-hash-generation config is disabled.

  • Fix exception when using the ResultSet returned from the DatabaseMetaData.getColumns method in the JDBC driver.

  • Increase default value of failure-detector.threshold config.

  • Fix race in queueing system which could cause queries to fail with “Entering secondary queue failed”.

  • Fix issue with histogram() that can cause failures or incorrect results when there are more than ten buckets.

  • Optimize execution of cross join.

  • Run Presto server as presto user in RPM init scripts.

Table properties#

When creating tables with CREATE TABLE or CREATE TABLE AS, you can now add connector specific properties to the new table. For example, when creating a Hive table you can specify the file format. To list all available table, properties, run the following query:

SELECT * FROM system.metadata.table_properties


We have implemented INSERT and DELETE for Hive. Both INSERT and CREATE statements support partitioned tables. For example, to create a partitioned table execute the following:

   order_date VARCHAR,
   order_region VARCHAR,
   order_id BIGINT,
   order_info VARCHAR
) WITH (partitioned_by = ARRAY['order_date', 'order_region'])

To DELETE from a Hive table, you must specify a WHERE clause that matches entire partitions. For example, to delete from the above table, execute the following:

WHERE order_date = '2015-10-15' AND order_region = 'APAC'


Currently, Hive deletion is only supported for partitioned tables. Additionally, partition keys must be of type VARCHAR.