DROP FUNCTION [ IF EXISTS ] routine_name ( [ [ parameter_name ] data_type [, ...] ] )


Removes a Catalog routines. The value of routine_name must be fully qualified with catalog and schema location of the routine, unless the default SQL routine storage catalog and schema are configured.

The data_types must be included for routines that use parameters to ensure the routine with the correct name and parameter signature is removed.

The optional IF EXISTS clause causes the error to be suppressed if the function does not exist.


The following example removes the meaning_of_life routine in the default schema of the example catalog:

DROP FUNCTION example.default.meaning_of_life();

If the routine uses a input parameter, the type must be added:

DROP FUNCTION multiply_by_two(bigint);

If the default catalog and schema for routine storage is configured, you can use the following more compact syntax:

DROP FUNCTION meaning_of_life();

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