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Trino Community Broadcast

56: The vast possibilities of VAST and Trino

Feb 22, 2024




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Release 439

Trino 439

  • New caching layer for Delta Lake, Hive, and Iceberg!
  • Documentation for new native file system support.
  • Fix for setting session properties on catalogs with a . in the name.
  • Fix for reading Snappy data.

Trino Gateway 6

  • Docker container setup!

Concept of the episode: The VAST database and data platform

Part database, part data warehouse, part data lake, describing VAST in one sentence is not the easiest undertaking. You can talk about features like deep write buffers with underlying flash columnar storage, the automatic contextual layer added on top of the data, or the similarity-based global compression that more than makes up for the smaller columnar chunks and makes it so much faster to find exactly the data you’re looking for.

So what is VAST? It’s a state-of-the-art data platform. Why are we talking about it on the Trino Community Broadcast? A world-class data storage solution still needs a world-class query engine, and its speed paired with Trino’s makes for a brilliant combination. We’re diving into how it works, why it is designed the way it is, and maybe talk about the really cool performance comparison they have on their website showcasing Trino as their favorite query engine.

Check out our conversation about the VAST database, VAST data platform, the Trino connector, internal workings of the system, use case, customers and much more in the interview.

Also have a look at the presentation from Jason Russler about VAST from Trino Summit 2023.

Rounding out

Trino Fest 2024 has been announced for this summer in Boston! Make sure to check out the announcement blog post and register to attend, submit your talks, or contact Starburst for information on sponsoring!

Check out the upcoming Trino Community Broadcast episodes about OpenTelemetry and Mitzu.

If you want to learn more about Trino, get the definitive guide from O’Reilly. You can download the free PDF or buy the book online.

Music for the show is from the Megaman 6 Game Play album by Krzysztof Slowikowski.