Graceful shutdown#

Trino has a graceful shutdown API that can be used exclusively on workers in order to ensure that they terminate without affecting running queries, given a sufficient grace period.

You can invoke the API with a HTTP PUT request:

curl -v -X PUT -d '"SHUTTING_DOWN"' -H "Content-type: application/json" \

A successful invocation is logged with a Shutdown requested message at INFO level in the worker server log.

Keep the following aspects in mind:

  • If your cluster is secure, you need to provide a basic-authorization header, or satisfy whatever other security you have enabled.

  • If you have TLS/HTTPS enabled, you have to ensure the worker certificate is CA signed, or trusted by the server calling the shut down endpoint. Otherwise, you can make the call --insecure, but that isn’t recommended.

  • The default System access control does not allow graceful shutdowns. You can use the allow-all system access control, or configure system information rules with the file system access control. These configuration must be present on all workers.

Shutdown behavior#

Once the API is called, the worker performs the following steps:

  • Go into SHUTTING_DOWN state.

  • Sleep for shutdown.grace-period, which defaults to 2 minutes.
    • After this, the coordinator is aware of the shutdown and stops sending tasks to the worker.

  • Block until all active tasks are complete.

  • Sleep for the grace period again in order to ensure the coordinator sees all tasks are complete.

  • Shutdown the application.