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Cinco de Trino recap: Learn how to build an efficient data lake

17 May 2022 | Brian Olsen, Brian Zhan

When Trino (formerly PrestoSQL) arrived on the scene almost 10 years ago, it immediately became known as the much faster alternative to the data warehouse of big data, Apache Hive. The use cases that you, as the community, have built had far exceeded anything we had imagined in complexity. Together we’ve made Trino not only the fastest way to interactively query large data sets, but also a convenient way to run federated queries across data sources to make moving all the data optional.

At Cinco de Trino, we came full circle back to the next iteration of analytics architecture with the data lake. This conference offers advice from industry thought leaders about how to use best lakehouse tools with Trino to manage that data complexity. Hear from industry thought leaders like Martin Traverso (Trino), Dain Sundstrom (Trino), James Campbell (Great Expectations), Jeremy Cohen (DBT Labs), Ryan Blue (Iceberg), Denny Lee (Delta Lake), Vinoth Chandar (Hudi). You can watch the talks on-demand on the Cinco de Trino playlist.

In this post, I’d like to cover the key items from each talk you won’t want to miss.


Project Tardigrade delivers ETL at Trino speeds to early users

05 May 2022 | Andrii Rosa, Brian Olsen, Brian Zhan, Lukasz Osipiuk, Martin Traverso, Zebing Lin

After six months of challenging work on Project Tardigrade, we are ready to launch. With the project we improved the user experience of running resource intensive queries that are common...

Tardigrade Project Update

16 Feb 2022 | Andrii Rosa

Over the last couple of months we’ve added support for full query retries, landed experimental support for task level retries and provided a proof of concept implementation of a distributed...

Trino 2021 Wrapped: A Year of Growth

31 Dec 2021 | Brian Olsen, Martin Traverso, Manfred Moser

As we reflect on Trino’s journey in 2021, one thing stands out. Compared to previous years we have seen even further accelerated, tremendous growth. Yes, this is what all these...

Log4Shell does not affect Trino

13 Dec 2021 | Brian Olsen

In the last few days we had a surge of folks in our community reaching out with concerns over the Log4Shell exploit (CVE-2021-44228), and we want to inform you that...

JVM challenges in production

06 Oct 2021 | Sajumon Joseph, David Leach, Bryan Aller, Pavan Madhineni, Lavanya Ragothaman, Pratap Moturi, Pádraig O'Sullivan (Starburst)

At Comcast, we have a large on-premise Trino cluster. It enables us to extract insights from data no matter where it resides, and prepares the company for a more cloud-centric...

Announcing Trino Summit

23 Sep 2021 | Brian Olsen

Greetings Trino nation, Get ready for this year’s virtual Trino Summit event! This year’s summit feels a little different as the name of the event has changed from Presto to...

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