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Trino in 2020 - An amazing year in review

08 Jan 2021 | Martin Traverso, Manfred Moser, Brian Olsen

Wow! If you would have to sum up what happened in the last year in this great community, wow would be it. It is truly awe-inspiring to be part of this incredible journey of Trino. Oh yeah, on that note. Our community and project chose the new name Trino, to be able to continue to innovate and develop freely as a community of peers. Presto® and Presto® SQL are a thing of the past.

Now that is out of the way, let’s dive right in and see what all our community members across the globe have created with us!


Migrating from PrestoSQL to Trino

04 Jan 2021 | David Phillips, Dain Sundstrom

As we previously announced, we’re rebranding Presto SQL as Trino. Now comes the hard part: migrating to the new version of the software. We just released the first version, Trino...

We’re rebranding PrestoSQL as Trino

27 Dec 2020 | Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips

The software and the community you have come to love and depend on aren’t going anywhere, we are simply renaming.

A Report about Presto Conference Tokyo 2020 Online

21 Nov 2020 | Toru Takahashi, Treasure Data

On Nov 11th, 2020, Japan Presto Community held the 2nd Presto Conference welcoming Martin Traverso and Brian Olsen. The conference was hosted at Youtube Live. This article is the summary...

Announcing Presto Conference Tokyo 2020

21 Oct 2020 | Yuya Ebihara, LINE

Last year, Presto Conference Tokyo 2019 was held in Japan with Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom and David Phillips, the founders of the Presto Software Foundation. This year, the event changes...

A gentle introduction to the Hive connector

20 Oct 2020 | Brian Olsen

TL;DR: The Hive connector is what you use in Trino for reading data from object storage that is organized according to the rules laid out by Hive, without using the...

Launching Presto First Steps training

07 Oct 2020 | Manfred Moser

Writing the book Presto: The Definitive Guide with Matt and Martin earlier this year, and then publishing it with O’Reilly was a great experience and has been a great success....

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