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Trino 2021 Wrapped: A Year of Growth

31 Dec 2021 | Brian Olsen, Martin Traverso, Manfred Moser

As we reflect on Trino’s journey in 2021, one thing stands out. Compared to previous years we have seen even further accelerated, tremendous growth. Yes, this is what all these year-in-retrospect blog posts say, but this has some special significance to it. This week marked the one-year anniversary since the project dropped the Presto name and moved to the Trino name. Immediately after the announcement, the Trino GitHub repository started trending in number of stargazers. Up until this point, the PrestoSQL GitHub repository had only amassed 1,600 stargazers in the two years since it had split from the PrestoDB repository. However, within four months after the renaming, the number of stargazers had doubled. GitHub stars, issues, pull requests and commits started growing at a new trajectory.


Log4Shell does not affect Trino

13 Dec 2021 | Brian Olsen

In the last few days we had a surge of folks in our community reaching out with concerns over the Log4Shell exploit (CVE-2021-44228), and we want to inform you that...

JVM challenges in production

06 Oct 2021 | Sajumon Joseph, David Leach, Bryan Aller, Pavan Madhineni, Lavanya Ragothaman, Pratap Moturi, Pádraig O'Sullivan (Starburst)

At Comcast, we have a large on-premise Trino cluster. It enables us to extract insights from data no matter where it resides, and prepares the company for a more cloud-centric...

Announcing Trino Summit

23 Sep 2021 | Brian Olsen

Greetings Trino nation, Get ready for this year’s virtual Trino Summit event! This year’s summit feels a little different as the name of the event has changed from Presto to...

Trino On Ice II: In-Place Table Evolution and Cloud Compatibility with Iceberg

12 Jul 2021 | Brian Olsen

Originally published on the Starburst blog. Welcome back to this blog post series discussing the awesome features of Apache Iceberg. The first post covered how Iceberg is a table format...

Row pattern recognition with MATCH_RECOGNIZE

19 May 2021 | Kasia Findeisen (kasiafi)

The MATCH_RECOGNIZE syntax was introduced in the latest SQL specification of 2016. It is a super powerful tool for analyzing trends in your data. We are proud to announce that...

Trino On Ice I: A Gentle Introduction To Iceberg

03 May 2021 | Brian Olsen

Originally published on the Starburst engineering blog. Back in the Gentle introduction to the Hive connector blog post, I discussed a commonly misunderstood architecture and uses of the Trino Hive...

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