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Trino On Ice I: A Gentle Introduction To Iceberg

27 Apr 2021 | Brian Olsen

Originally published on the Starburst engineering blog.

Back in the Gentle introduction to the Hive connector blog post, I discussed a commonly misunderstood architecture and uses of the Trino Hive connector. In short, while some may think the name indicates Trino makes a call to a running Hive instance, the Hive connector does not use the Hive runtime to answer queries. Instead, the connector is named Hive connector because it relies on Hive conventions and implementation details from the Hadoop ecosystem - the invisible Hive specification.


Trino: The Definitive Guide

21 Apr 2021 | Matt Fuller, Manfred Moser and Martin Traverso

Just over a year ago we announced the availability of the first book about Trino - our definitive guide. Back then the project was still called Presto, and the rename...

Trino at Writing Day

14 Apr 2021 | Rose Williams (she/her)

First time Trino blogger, long time lurker on the Trino slack. My name is Rose Williams and I’m an open source docs enthusiast! I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to...

Introducing new window features

10 Mar 2021 | Kasia Findeisen (kasiafi)

In Trino, we are thrilled to get feedback and feature requests from our fantastic community, and we’re tirelessly motivated to meet the expectations! The SQL specification is another source of...

Trino in 2020 - An amazing year in review

08 Jan 2021 | Martin Traverso, Manfred Moser, Brian Olsen

Wow! If you would have to sum up what happened in the last year in this great community, wow would be it. It is truly awe-inspiring to be part of...

Migrating from PrestoSQL to Trino

04 Jan 2021 | David Phillips, Dain Sundstrom

As we previously announced, we’re rebranding Presto SQL as Trino. Now comes the hard part: migrating to the new version of the software. We just released the first version, Trino...

We’re rebranding PrestoSQL as Trino

27 Dec 2020 | Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips

The software and the community you have come to love and depend on aren’t going anywhere, we are simply renaming.

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