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One busy week to go before Trino Fest 2024

06 Jun 2024 | Manfred Moser

This week has surely started off with a big bang and another boom in the data platform world. Snowflake introduced the open source Polaris catalog as implementation of the Iceberg REST catalog specification. And Databricks, the main driver of the Delta Lake table format, announced their acquisition of Tabular, a main driver in the Apache Iceberg community.

Interestingly enough, Trino is in the middle of all this with great support for Delta Lake, Hudi, Iceberg, and also the Iceberg REST catalog. And if all that interoperability with Trino is not enough reason to join us next week at Trino Fest 2024, I have some more ideas for you to consider.

Big names round out the Trino Fest 2024 lineup

08 May 2024 | Cole Bowden

We gave a sneak peek of the Trino Fest lineup a month ago, and we’re excited to now bring you the full lineup for the event. We’ve got some major names being added, including Amazon, Microsoft, and another talk from Apple. With Fourkites and a joint talk with LanceDB and CharacterAI also added to the schedule, we’re excited to present the full lineup for Trino Fest 2024.

Trino Fest is barely a month away on the 13th of June, and whether you want to attend live in Boston or tune in virtually, this is a reminder that you should register to attend!

A sneak peek of Trino Fest 2024

15 Apr 2024 | Cole Bowden

Trino Fest is drawing ever closer. Commander Bun Bun has been hard at work behind the scenes arranging the schedule and making sure that Trino’s trip to Boston is going to be a great one. In case you missed it, we announced Trino Fest a couple months ago, and if you have missed it, make sure to go register to attend! All our speakers will be in person in downtown Boston on the 13th of June, with plenty of opportunities for networking and a happy hour event at the end of the day. But if you can’t make the trip to enjoy the lovely New England summer, we’ll also be live-streaming the event, and you can register to join us virtually.

Still on the fence, though? Read on for a preview of our speaker lineup and brief summaries of their talks. Keep in mind this also isn’t the full lineup, and we’ll follow up soon with the last few talks that round out the schedule.


Time travel in Delta Lake connector

11 Apr 2024 | Yuya Ebihara

Exciting news - time travel capability has finally arrived in the Delta Lake connector! After introducing support for time travel in the Iceberg connector back in 2022, we’re thrilled to...

Blazing ahead with 22

13 Mar 2024 | Manfred Moser, Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips

It was not that long ago that we first announced support for Java 21, and subsequently made it a build and runtime requirement with Trino 436. Since then, the codebase...

A cache refresh for Trino

08 Mar 2024 | Manfred Moser

Thinking about our recent work on caching in Trino reminds me of the famous saying, “There are only two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation and naming things.” Well,...

Japanese edition of Trino: The Definitive Guide

27 Feb 2024 | Yuya Ebihara

Do you know where the name ‘Trino’ comes from? It’s actually a shortened form of ‘neutrino’. These fast and lightweight subatomic particles have recently made their way to Japan. You...

Trino Fest goes to Boston in 2024

20 Feb 2024 | Cole Bowden

After the resounding success of Trino Fest and Trino Summit in 2023, Commander Bun Bun has exciting news to share: we’re taking our biggest events of the year back to...

Open Policy Agent for Trino arrived

06 Feb 2024 | Manfred Moser

Trino now ships with an access control integration using the popular and widely used Open Policy Agent (OPA) from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The release of Trino 438 marks...

Trino 2023 wrapped

19 Jan 2024 | Cole Bowden

If “Wrapped” is good enough for Spotify, it’s good enough for Trino, right? As we look forward to a bright 2024, we can also take a moment to get sentimental,...

Trino Summit 2023 recap

18 Dec 2023 | Manfred Moser, Cole Bowden

Two days of non-stop Trino action are done! Last week, Trino Summit 2023 took place virtually another great community event. Great presentations from Trino experts across the globe showed different...

Final reminder for Trino Summit 2023

11 Dec 2023 | Manfred Moser

Are you ready? Trino Summit 2023 is just two days away, and our lineup of speakers, sponsors, and activities is truly amazing. Make sure to register and join us live....

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