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Clients, data sources, and add-ons for Trino

Clients #

Clients allow you to connect to Trino, submit SQL queries, and receive the results. Clients can access all configured data sources in catalogs. Clients are full-featured applications or libraries and drivers that allow you to connect to any applications supporting that driver or even your own custom application or script.

Clients include command line tools, desktop applications, web-based applications, and software-as-a-service solutions with features such as interactive SQL query authoring with editors or rich user interfaces for graphical query creation, query running and result rendering, visualizations with charts and graphs, reporting, and dashboard creation.

Clients can also process the returned data from Trino and be used for data pipelines across catalogs, and also from other data sources to Trino catalogs.

Data sources #

Data sources provide the data for Trino to query. Configure a catalog with the required Trino connector for the specific data source to access the data. With Trino you are ready to use any supported client to query the data sources using SQL and the features of your client.

Add-ons #

Add-ons provide additional utilities and features to expand Trino as the core engine of your larger data platform and infrastructure. Add-ons also provide features to improve management and operation aspects with your Trino clusters.

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