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Open source license #

Trino is an open source software project licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Project vision and development philosophy #

Over the years, the Trino project has developed an extensive vision of the software and a strong development philosophy. Understanding these helps you get up to speed on the software and how the project works more quickly.

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Contribution process #

You can also contribute fixes and new features as pull requests. You need to sign a Contributor License Agreement (“CLA”) before it can be accepted into the repositories.

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How to become a maintainer #

Maintainers perform final reviews and merge the changes into the code base. Maintainers are the most active members of the community, and spend a significant amount of time reviewing community contributions.

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Code style #

The Trino code base uses consistent style. It is documented in the development instructions. The style is documented for Java code in the Airlift code style project, which includes a configuration file to use with IntelliJ.

For all other languages, it is expected that new code matches the style used for existing code in that language.