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Trino Software Foundation

The Trino Software Foundation (TSF) is an independent, non-profit organization with the mission of supporting a community of passionate users and developers devoted to the advancement of the Trino distributed SQL query engine. It is dedicated to preserving the vision of high quality, performant, and dependable software. The current board members of the Trino Software Foundation are Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips, and Martin Traverso.

Open community

The Trino Software Foundation supports a diverse, open, collaborative, community of developers and users throughout the world. Everyone is welcome to participate, whether it be via code contributions, suggestions for improvements, or even bug reports.

Everyone is invited to join the community.


In supporting the Trino community, the Trino Software Foundation has several key functions.


The core responsibility of the TSF is to serve as the legal entity which handles all administrative oversight for the Trino project. For example, this includes accounting, legal concerns, and trademarks.

CLA management

Contributing to Trino requires agreeing to, signing, and submitting the Contributor License Agreement. The Trino Software Foundation is responsible for reviewing, approving, and tracking all signed CLAs. This ensures that all code contributed to Trino is fully under the Apache License.


The Trino brand and trademarks are owned and managed by the Trino Software Foundation.