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Get started with Trino

Trino on Kubernetes

Run Trino on Kubernetes using the Trino Helm chart. This allows you to deploy locally, or running full-scale systems on the cloud.

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Run a Trino container

Start Trino using container tools like Docker. Use this method to experiment with Trino without worrying about scalability and orchestration.

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Deploy Trino manually

Use the tarball for fine-tuned deployments and customizing the installment of Trino. Learn the fundamentals of deploying a Trino cluster.

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The current Trino release is version 452. Learn more details from the release notes.

Server packages

Utilize the .tar.gz package to manually deploy. See RPM Deployment for the .rpm package.

trino-server-452.tar.gz trino-server-rpm-452.rpm

Command line client

You can run queries using the interactive command line interface.


JDBC driver

Connect to Trino from Java using the JDBC driver, which is available in Maven Central.


Community resources

Getting help

If you need help using or running Trino, please ask a question on Slack. Please report any issue you find with Trino.


External resources


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