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Presto on FLOSS Weekly

Spreading the word about our project is an important task to grow the community around Presto. With a large, lively community we can ensure the success of Presto. Today we had the opportunity to talk about Presto on the long running open source podcast FLOSS Weekly.

Randal Schwartz was joined by his co-host Simon Phipps. We introduced Presto overall and talked about use cases of Presto and the problems it can solve. Both hosts, as well as the live audience, had some great questions and we did our best to answer them.

We moved through the history of Presto, current users and usage, the community around the project, and Dain talked about some of the upcoming improvements. In the end it seemed like we just scratched the surface and all wanted to keep talking about the project.

It was a great conversation and you should check it out!

Watch a recording of the Presto episode of FLOSS Weekly now! #