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Trino at Writing Day

First time Trino blogger, long time lurker on the Trino slack. My name is Rose Williams and I’m an open source docs enthusiast! I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to this community for the past few months. Recently I’ve been working with Brian Olsen, our fearless developer advocate, as well as some of our other Trino doc contributors, to get Trino ready for the Write the Docs Writing Day open source event!

If you’re not familiar with Write the Docs, it’s a global community of people who care about documentation.

“We consider everyone who cares about communication, documentation, and their users to be a member of our community. This can be programmers, tech writers, developer advocates, customer support, marketers, and anyone else who wants people to have great experiences with software.”

Writing Day is the first day of their upcoming virtual documentation conference, Write the Docs Portland (PST) April 25-27, 2021. The goal of Writing Day is to get a bunch of interesting people in a room together and introduce them to cool open source projects that they can onboard and contribute to.

Writing Day is open to all conference attendees and several Trino enthusiasts are attending as mentors. Leading up to the conference, we’re focused on identifying docs issues that are ideal for first time contributors. If you’re a regular Trino contributor, you might notice that we’re going through and tagging items as “good first issue” and “docs” - we’ll be using those tags to create an issues filter for the event. We’re also doing some work on the Trino docs readme to help folks onboard faster.

Snag a ticket if you’re interested in participating, we hope to see you there! Our goal is to continue curating good first issues for future writers and developers.

Join the new #documentation channel on the Trino slack and favorite the Trino project on GitHub.

If you’re interested in learning more about Write the Docs or Writing Day, feel free to reach out to me (Rose Williams), Brian Olsen, or Manfred Moser on twitter or the Trino slack. You can also check out the Write the Docs slack community.

If you have an open source project that you’re interested in bringing to Writing Day, chat with me, Rose Williams, on twitter or on the Trino or Write the Doc slack communities.

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