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Using Trino as a batch processing engine

This past week, Andrii Rosa hosted a virtual Trino meetup on the topic of using Trino as a batch processing engine. You can view the talk from the meetup embedded below. Andrii dives into the history of Trino as an engine for Batch ETL (extract, transform, load) processing, some challenges related to that, as well as the new fault-toleration execution capabilities being added to Trino and how they improve it for Batch ETL use cases.

Andrii also gives an update on the work in progress with fault-tolerant execution, where we are today, and what’s planned for the near future. The meetup wraps up a with an attendee Q&A at the end. If you’d like to learn more, go check out the talk!

If you’d like to attend an in-person or virtual Trino meetup, go check out our meetup page for more info.

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