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Top five reasons to attend Trino Summit 2022

This blog post wraps up a series of previous posts
teasing Trino Summit 2022. The conference is free and takes place in San Francisco, California on November 10th. Join us either in-person or virtually!

Lets dive right into the five reasons you should attend Trino Summit 2022. If you’re not into these lists, go ahead and register now!

1. Hear speakers from industry leading companies talk about their Trino architecture and use cases #

This year’s summit contains leaders in the industry with varying workloads and use cases. There are also sessions on tips and tricks to scale and lower the cost of running Trino in production. Users from the following companies speak about their challenges and how they use Trino to help overcome them:

  • Apple
  • Astronomer
  • Bloomberg
  • Comcast
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Lyft
  • Quora
  • Shopify
  • SK Telecom
  • Starburst
  • Upsolver
  • Zillow

To see more information about the talks and the agenda for the conference, check out the Trino Summit 2022 agenda.

2. Meet the authors of the Trino: The Definitive Guide and get that Trino swag #

This year, we are giving away autographed copies of the recently updated, Trino: The Definitive Guide to members who are attending. Already have a physical copy? Visit the Trino booth to get your book signed and meet authors Manfred Moser, Matt Fuller, and Martin Traverso who literally wrote the book on Trino.

We will be giving away swag packs containing an autographed copy of Trino: The Definitive Guide, a Trino Summit 2022 shirt, a Commander Bun Bun plushie, and more to both virtual and in-person attendees! This will be done during our sponsored giveaway breaks between sessions where we challenge both online and virtual attendees in a race against time to bag the swag!

3. Federate ‘em all #

This year’s summit will be a free event that federates both data and humans. The theme extends from a popular show that many of you know called Pokémon. To understand the connection here, let’s break down what we mean by federate ‘em all. In the same way Pokémon protagonist, Ash Ketchum, catches and trains heterogeneous creatures called Pokémon, Trino queries and filters heterogeneous data sets from various data sources.

If you’re not familiar with Pokémon, a losing strategy is to train just one or two Pokémon as different types of Pokémon are better suited to different tasks. In the same way, centralizing all of your data to a single data warehouse or data lake doesn’t make sense either. There are different use cases and different needs across the company. Rather than spending your time building brittle one-size-fits-all architectures, Trino enables you to connect to multiple data sources using ANSI SQL.

4. Experience beautiful San Francisco #

For those attending in-person, you will get to enjoy the beautiful San Francisco area. The Commonwealth club, is located right on the San Francisco Bay. The building is beautiful with a large auditorium for the main event, and plenty of floors and rooms for socializing.

At the end of the summit, we will have a happy hour on the scenic roof-deck that gazes over the San Francisco bay at the iconic Oakland Bay Bridge.

We know this only applies to our in-person attendees, but remember if you join us virtually, there are still plenty of resources to network and interact throughout the conference. We will be taking questions from our virtual audience and there will also be a chat forum to discuss with attendees from across the globe. Plus, unlike those of us attending in-person, no travel is required and pajamas are optional during the event!

5. Collaborate with some of the best minds working on Trino #

Trino is a relatively new paradigm compared to the rest of data world. If you just realized that you don’t have to move all your data into one location, you’re on the right track. However, there’s still a lot to learn when it comes to scaling out a query engine that over time grows in usage. To get this right, you need a community to be successful. The creators Martin, Dain, and David and many of the core contributors of Trino will be attending, along with a large list of folks that are using multiple clusters over hundreds of petabytes of data.

Tap into this incredibly passionate group of Trino enthusiasts to augment your experience with this revolutionary query engine!

Register for the summit #

Make sure you register quickly for in-person registration, as it is limited to 250 seats. Spots are running out quickly so don’t wait!

Announcing the final round of sessions and the agenda! #

Now for the final list of sessions to announce for this year’s Trino Summit! This week is quite the reveal as we are showcasing a talk of how engineers at Apple use Trino for their analytics challenges! 🎉🤯

We also have three more amazing guests that are heavy hitters in the data and analytics tech scene.

Trino at Apple #

In this talk the audience will learn how Apple uses Trino to accelerate analytics, the challenges we face deploying analytics at scale at Apple, and the areas we would like to collaborate on with the community.

  • Vinitha Gankidi, Software engineer at Apple

  • Yathindranath Peddyshetty, Software engineer at Apple

Enterprise-ready Trino at Bloomberg: One Giant Leap Toward Data Mesh! #

Enterprises like Bloomberg love Trino. It allows us to embrace the data mesh with ease. Providing Trino as a service in a highly available, configurable, and access-controlled manner has been a key enabler for us in this paradigm shift. Join us to learn how we have leveraged open-source components to achieve these goals at Bloomberg.

  • Pablo Arteaga, Software Engineer at Bloomberg

  • Vishal Jadhav, Software Engineer at Bloomberg

Leveraging Trino to power data quality at Goldman Sachs #

Data is at the core of today’s business processes. We are responsible for making accurate, timely, and modeled data available to our analytics and application teams. The source of these datasets can be quite heterogeneous like HDFS, S3, Sybase, Snowflake, Elasticsearch, and more. Also with an increase in data volume, velocity, and variety; data quality assurance is extremely critical to ensure the trustworthiness of data and mark it usable for consumers to use with confidence. We have leveraged Trino to make high-quality data centrally accessible through an efficient, secure, governed, and unified way of performing analytics.

  • Sumit Halder, Vice President at Goldman Sachs

  • Ramesh Bhanan, Vice President at Goldman Sachs

  • Siddhant Chadha, Associate at Goldman Sachs

  • Suman Baliganahalli Narayan Murthy, Vice President at Goldman Sachs

Optimizing Trino using spot instances #

Trino is a critical tool used at Zillow for doing analytics on datalake. In this talk we aim to give a general overview of how we leverage Trino and dive deeper into the optimizations we have done for scaling Trino at Zillow using Spot instances.

In this session, we will show how fault-tolerant execution mode enables a more cost-effective and resilient execution running Trino on Spot.

  • Rupesh Kumar Perugu, Senior Software Engineer at Zillow

  • Santhosh Venkatraman, Software Engineer at Zillow

That finalizes all of our sessions! To see them all, check out the Trino Summit 2022 agenda.

Conclusion #

Get excited, the conference is in less than two weeks so don’t forget to register, and always, Federate them all! It is really shaping up to be an educational and fun-filled event with Trino experts and aficionados.

A huge thanks to our sponsors: Starburst, Privacera, Monte Carlo, Immuta, CubeJS, Delta Lake, Hightouch, Backblaze, Databricks, Alluxio, and Tabular!

Well that’s a wrap, we’ll see you all in T-minus ten days!