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Trino Summit 2022 recap: The state of Trino

To kick off the Trino Summit 2022, we heard from Trino co-creators Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, and David Phillips. Martin gave a talk on the state of Trino and project plans for 2023, then opened the floor to questions from the community. You can watch a recording of the talk, or read on if you’re only interested in the highlights.

Check out the slides!

Recap #

So what has happened in Trino over the last year?

  • We celebrated Trino’s 10th birthday!
  • It was the busiest year in project history, with 600+ contributors, 4000+ commits, and near-weekly releases.
  • Tons of new features were added, including MERGE, JSON functions, table functions, fault-tolerant execution (look forward to a lot of talking about it in later recaps!), upgrading to Java 17, and a slide so dense with other goodies that it needed two columns.

And what’s coming down the pipeline?

  • Project Hummingbird, a large set of core engine improvements.
  • Expanded table function support, including accepting tables as arguments.
  • Extra community support, so that contributors have an easier and better time getting code merged into Trino.
  • New connectors, CREATE/DROP CATALOG, query tracing, and more!

There were also tons of great questions asked by live and online attendees answered by Dain, David, and Martin, so if you want to hear more, take a listen to the full talk!

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