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Trino Fest nears with an all-star lineup

Trino Fest is just around the corner! We’re only two weeks away, and we’re excited to share that we’ve got an incredible speaker lineup with a wide variety of talks about all things Trino. If you’re out of the loop, we announced Trino Fest back in April as a two-day, free, virtual event. If you want to attend, see talks live, engage with our speakers in Q&As at the end of each session, you’ll need to register, so don’t delay, and…

With that said, we’re also excited to bring you a preview of our exciting speaker lineup. Read on if you’d like to learn more.

New connectors #

We’ve got two talks, one from Bloomberg and ForePaaS and another from Redis, about ongoing efforts to extend Trino’s functionality to query even more data sources. Erik Anderson from Bloomberg and Yu Teng from ForePaaS will talk about their shared need for a Snowflake connector and the collaboration to get their two connectors merged and then merged into Trino. Allen Terleto and Julien Ruaux at Redis will be talking about a new, custom, and improved Redis connector for Trino, showing how you can leverage the speed of both Redis and Trino to run queries faster than ever while seamlessly integrating with data visualization frameworks.

The Python ecosystem #

We’ve got talks from Fugue and Ibis, two different tools that integrate Python with SQL, and then run that SQL on underlying data sources. Both have recently added Trino support, and they’re excited to share their use cases and introduce the Trino community to the new, powerful ways you can leverage it. Trino has always been a SQL query engine, but with Fugue and Ibis, writing Python code to run queries with Trino is suddenly a reality, and analysts and data scientists may not even need to know much SQL to get the insights they’re looking for.

Data lakes #

Ryan Blue, the co-founder of Iceberg and founder of Tabular, will be exploring how to best write CDC (change data capture) streams into Iceberg tables. A talk from Kevin Liu at Stripe will explore how a data engineer can monitor queries being run on Iceberg to catch performance outliers and understand usage rates. A talk from Alluxio highlights caching optimizations with Trino and data lakes. OneHouse is giving a talk about using Trino with Hudi, exploring how to get query latency down, how multi-modal indexing works in Hudi, and how Trino can utilize that indexing to execute queries at astonishing speeds. A lightning talk from Comcast will explore Hive views, and DuneSQL will be discussing its use of Trino with Delta Lake, rounding out coverage on all four of Trino’s lakehouse connectors.

And more! #

We’ll hear from customers of Trino’s main commercial vendors - Datto will be discussing their use of Starburst Galaxy, and Arctic Wolf will give an overview of how AWS Athena helps them provide data to customers. Jan Was from Starburst has a lightning talk on avoiding the costs of BI tools or expensive visualization software by setting things up for free with GitHub Actions. And Walmart has a talk on finding ways to cut costs with cloud storage, rounding out our expansive lineup.

Does any of that sound exciting? Go sign up to attend Trino Fest 2023, and we look forward to seeing you there!