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Trino Fest 2023 got off to a bang, as Trino co-creator and maintainer Martin Traverso gave an update on all the amazing things that have happened to Trino since Trino Summit last year. He also provided some insight into what’s coming down the pipeline for Trino, with a brief look at the project’s roadmap. You can watch the recording of the talk if you want to see for yourself, or you can read on for the highlights.

Check out the slides!


It’s only been about 7 months since Trino Summit in 2022, but Trino moves quickly. In the words of Martin, “the project is on fire” and “is as active as it’s ever been,” leaving us a lot to catch up to since then:

  • 16 releases and 2,250 commits
  • Two new maintainers
  • Several new table functions
  • Simplified configuration and improved performance for fault-tolerant execution
  • Better support for schema evolution and lakehouse migration
  • 45 bullet points worth of performance improvements
  • Tracing with OpenTelemetry
  • An improved Python client and dbt Cloud support

And keep in mind that these are the highlights of the highlights! In the talk, Martin goes into depth on all of the above, making it a worthwhile watch or listen. There’s also a lot to look forward to, which you’ll hear more about as they roll out in the coming months:

  • SQL 2023, including enhancements to JSON functions and numeric literals
  • A new Snowflake connector and an improved Redis connector
  • Java 21
  • Project Hummingbird, the ongoing effort to incrementally make Trino faster than ever before

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