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Trino Fest nears with an all-star lineup

01 Jun 2023 | Cole Bowden

Trino Fest is just around the corner! We’re only two weeks away, and we’re excited to share that we’ve got an incredible speaker lineup with a wide variety of talks about all things Trino. If you’re out of the loop, we announced Trino Fest back in April as a two-day, free, virtual event. If you want to attend, see talks live, engage with our speakers in Q&As at the end of each session, you’ll need to register, so don’t delay, and…

With that said, we’re also excited to bring you a preview of our exciting speaker lineup. Read on if you’d like to learn more.

Trino at Open Source Summit North America 2023

15 May 2023 | Manfred Moser

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend Open Source Summit North America 2023 in Vancouver. A quick hop across the Strait of Georgia got me right into the event and into the midst of my peers of open source developers, advocates, and enthusiasts.

Refreshing at the lakehouse summer camp

03 May 2023 | Manfred Moser, Cole Bowden

Summer is just around the corner, and we are busy getting ready for Trino Fest 2023. Everything is ramping up. Early birds are starting to register, and so should you. Our Trino Fest theme song is available for your listening pleasure, and we are reviewing speaker submissions. The festival is promising to be another great event to learn about lakehouse use cases with Trino, but we are also featuring some great presentations for querying data with Trino. And of course, we are still looking for more presenters, so don’t hesitate and submit your proposal.


Just the right time date predicates with Iceberg

11 Apr 2023 | Marius Grama

In the data lake world, data partitioning is a technique that is critical to the performance of read operations. In order to avoid scanning large amounts of data accidentally, and...

Trino and the BDFL model: a renewed focus

06 Apr 2023 | Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips

For those who are paying close attention, you may notice updates to a few pages across the Trino website with a renewed focus on leadership roles in Trino. This is...

Polish edition of Trino: The Definitive Guide

06 Apr 2023 | Manfred Moser, Martin Traverso, Matt Fuller

At this stage Trino is used all around the globe as we know from the community chat and our speakers at Trino Summit 2022. One large community of Trino contributors...

Lakehouse summer camp at Trino Fest 2023

05 Apr 2023 | Brian Olsen

Get ready to kick off your summer with Commander Bun Bun at Trino Fest 2023! This year’s event is going virtual and will take place over two days, the 14th...

The rabbit reflects on Trino in 2022

10 Jan 2023 | Brian Olsen, Manfred Moser, Cole Bowden, Martin Traverso

It’s that time of the year where everyone gives excessively broad or niche predictions about the finance market, venture capital, or even the data industry. And we are now bombarded...

Cleaning up the Trino pull request backlog

09 Jan 2023 | Cole Bowden

At some point in the lifecycle of a successful open source project, it reaches a point where the number of incoming pull requests (PRs) outpace the project’s ability to get...

Using Trino to analyze a product-led growth (PLG) user activation funnel

23 Dec 2022 | Mei Long, Cole Bowden

As the holiday season approaches, we have reached the end of our Trino Summit 2022 recap posts. With the last talk of the summit, Mei Long from Upsolver gave an...

Using Trino with Apache Airflow for (almost) all your data problems

21 Dec 2022 | Philippe Gagnon, Brian Olsen

As we close in on the final talks from Trino Summit 2022, this next talk dives into how to set up Trino for batch processing. Trino has historically been well-known...

Journey to Iceberg with Trino

19 Dec 2022 | JaeChang Song, Jennifer Oh, Brian Olsen

This post comes from the second half of Trino Summit 2022 session. Our friends JaeChang and Jennifer from SK Telecom traveled across the globe from South Korea to join us...

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