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The Trino community is very active and helpful on Slack, with users and developers from all around the world. If you need help using or running Trino, this is the place to ask.

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Help build the next generation of fast, distributed SQL query engines for big data analytics. Trino is maintained by hundreds of people around the globe. Over the years, the Trino project has developed an extensive vision of the software and a strong development philosophy.

Understanding these helps you get up to speed on the software and how the project works quickly.

Read more about the project vision and development philosophy.

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Found a bug? Help us by filing an issue on GitHub.

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Contributions are not just about code. Help the community understand how to use our distributed SQL engines by adding to our docs. See our README for more information.

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Improve exisiting functionality or even add your own feature.

Read about our contribution process or visit our developer guide to learn more.