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Launching Presto First Steps training

Writing the book Trino: The Definitive Guide with Matt and Martin earlier this year, and then publishing it with O’Reilly was a great experience and has been a great success. Lots of readers took advantage of getting a free digital copy of the book from Starburst.

Now it is time to follow up with a training class. I am pleased to let you know that you can join me for three hours of Presto First Steps in November.

The new course is aimed at beginners with Presto, who want to accelerate their initial understanding and adoption. You ramp up quickly to install and configure Presto, use the CLI, and learn how to query connected data sources with SQL. The class is completely interactive, and I look forward to many of you joining me and bring lots of great questions to ask.

The class includes three interactive training exercises on Katacoda. They allow you to get hands on experience with Presto immediately. Lots of useful tips and tricks are covered in my material, and of course I plan to run a bunch of additional demos. You can find more details about the content of the class in the registration page.

Don’t miss out and make sure you reserve your ticket now!

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