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Presto: The Definitive Guide

Nearly two years ago Matt and Martin got the ball rolling on getting a book about Presto happening. A thriving project and community like everyone around Dain, David and Martin, the founders and creators of Presto, just needs a book. Even in this digital age of online documentation, communities on chat and other platforms, and videos everywhere, there is great value in a well structured and written book. Today, we are happy to announce that our book Presto: The Definitive Guide.

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This first book about Presto, is finally available for you all to get, read and hopefully learn from.

Update April 2021: The project has moved to the new name Trino, and the content of our book has been updated to Trino: The Definitive Guide.

With the help of O’Reilly, the book is now available in digital form, and paper copies are just around the corner as well. You can find more information about the book on our permanent page about it.

It is based on the very recent 330 release of Presto, but applicable to any Presto version. The book is broken up into three separate parts. No matter, if you are beginner keen to learn, or maybe with just a bit of command line and SQL knowledge, or an advanced or even expert Presto user, we are certain that you can learn something from the book and encourage you to check it out.

The first part of the book establishes what Presto is, and gets you quick wins to install a minimal setup, run it, connect to it with the CLI and an application using the JDBC driver and run some SQL queries.

The second part dives into the details of the Presto architecture, query planning, connectors for all sorts of data sources and SQL usage. There is a lot to learn and digest in these main sections.

In the third part we round things out with tuning tips, a good overview of the Web UI, usage of other tools, security configuration and more tips to get Presto into production.

Of course, putting all this information together requires work from many people. And in fact we did get lots of help from members of the Presto community and O’Reilly.

Specifically, we have some great news from our major supporter, Starburst! Starburst allowed us to work on the book and bring it across the finish line.

And that turns out to be great news for you all as well. Not only is the book finished now, you can also get a free digital copy of Trino: The Definitive Guide from Starburst.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a copy, check out the code repository for the book, provide feedback and contact us on Slack.

Looking forward to it all!

Matt, Manfred and Martin

Exhausted, but happy authors