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Trino: The Definitive Guide

Just over a year ago we announced the availability of the first book about Trino - our definitive guide. Back then the project was still called Presto, and the rename with the end of 2020 was a good reason for us to give the book a refresh.

Today, we are happy to announce that a new edition now titled Trino: The Definitive Guide is available.

Get a free copy of Trino: The Definitive Guide from Starburst now! #

The new edition of the book from O’Reilly is available in digital formats as well as physical copies. You can find more information about the book on our permanent page about it.

The book is now updated to Trino release 354 for all filenames, installation methods, command, names and properties. We addressed all problems found by our readers and reported to us as well.

Our major supporter, Starburst, allowed us to work on the book and bring it across the finish line again. You can get a free digital copy from Starburst.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a copy, check out the updated example code repository, provide feedback and contact us on Slack.

Looking forward to it all!

Matt, Manfred and Martin