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Leveraging Trino to power data at Goldman Sachs

Continuing with the Trino Summit 2022 sessions posts, we’re diving into an insightful lightning talk from Goldman Sachs. They explore how they use Trino to help ensure data quality across the board for all users and customers. By using Trino to federate their various data sources, querying everything in one place provides them with the flexibility they need. With that flexibility, they can validate that all data is as it should be where that data lives, settling any concerns that may exist about data integrity.

Recap #

Validating data quality can be a tricky and complicated process. Data resides in many sources, with different rules and different processes for checking quality. Goldman’s data ingestion team may not have a detailed understanding of all data sets. Despite that, there is a need to autonomously verify and validate all data to be confident in its quality and integrity. The solution to this challenge? A queryable data quality platform powered by Trino.

The underlying data quality platform’s logic handles the validation. Resting on top of it is Trino, the scalable, fast solution to ensure that users can query what they need. Even when the platform is profiling the data, enforcing various quality rules, and validating the data in different ways, Trino is there to provide access to everything contained within, proving that quality, speed, and accessibility don’t need to be tradeoffs.

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