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Let it snow for Trino

In this recap, we can skip right to the exciting part: through the joint efforts of engineers at ForePaaS and Bloomberg, there is a Snowflake connector coming to Trino! Though it hasn’t landed yet, it has been tested and run in production at both companies, and a pull request is open and working its way towards completion as this blog post goes up. In the talk, Yu and Erik talk about difficulties in developing the connector, the motivations to make it happen, and the new features that come as part of it for Trino users to take advantage of. Sound interesting? Give the talk a listen, or read on for more details.

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For those unfamiliar, Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing and analytics platform. It offers a great combination of scale, flexibility, and performance, with the downside of being a proprietary software that is vendor-locked, and in order to use Snowflake, you must go through Snowflake, Inc. ForePaaS and its customers store data in Snowflake, but they also store data in many other formats and systems, and they rely on Trino to run their analytics. With no Snowflake connector in Trino, this meant that while they could run analytics and queries on most data, Trino had a blind spot. They needed to develop a Snowflake connector in order to see and query 100% of their data. Bloomberg was in a similar boat, having data in Snowflake, using Trino for analytics, and needing a way to join those two together. With a shared need, ForePaaS and Bloomberg joined forced and made the connector happen.

The connector has been in use at both companies for some time, and it comes with the full feature set one would expect from a Trino connector. With the connector, you can query Snowflake directly from Trino, taking advantage of Trino’s lightning-fast speeds and the underlying features of Snowflake with no issue.

Curious to see more? For the rest of the talk, Erik Anderson at Bloomberg gives a demo of the connector in action. Give the talk a watch, and you can check out progress on how adding the connector to Trino is coming along on the pull request contributing it.

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