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Join us for Trino Summit 2023

The Trino community is buzzing. Commander Bun Bun is ready to invite you all to join us for Trino Summit 2023. And “all” really means everyone in the community. The event is free to attend, virtual, and full of news and shared knowledge from your peers using Trino. Don’t hesitate to submit your talk and register to attend now.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Trino Summit 2023. The summit is scheduled as a virtual event on the 13th and 14th of December 2023, and attendance is free!

If you’d like to share your knowledge and information about Trino usage and give a talk at this year’s Trino Summit, we’re putting out a call for speakers. We are accepting submissions from now until the 12th of November, but we recommend submitting as soon as possible, because we expect slots to fill up fast.

We’re looking for intermediate to advanced-level talks on a variety of themes. If you have an interesting story about how you leverage Trino in your data platform for analytics and other workloads, found a neat way to extend it with a custom plugin or add-on, or swapped to Trino for a performance win, we’d love to hear about it. We’re excited to expand our speaker lineup with talks from the broader Trino community. Find more information about duration, technical details, and more suggestions when you submit your talk.

The event of the Trino Software Foundation is organized and sponsored by Starburst, and we invite other sponsors to help make this a successful event for the Trino community.

If that interests you or your employer, contact the Trino events team for more information.

And of course, we’re looking forward to reading your proposals and seeing you then.

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