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Trino Gateway has arrived

You started with one Trino cluster, and your users like the power for SQL and querying all sorts of data sources. Then you needed to upgrade and got a cluster for testing going. That was a while ago, and now you run a separate cluster configured for ETL workloads with fault-tolerant execution, and some others with different configurations.

With Trino Gateway we now have an answer to your users request to provide one URL for all the clusters. Trino Gateway has arrived!

Today, we are happy to announce our first release of Trino Gateway. The release is the result of many, many months of effort to move the legacy Presto Gateway to Trino, start a refactor of the project, and add numerous new features.

Many larger deployments across the Trino community rely on the gateway as a load balancer, proxy server, and configurable routing gateway for multiple Trino clusters. Users don’t need to worry about what catalog and data source is available in what Trino cluster. Trino Gateway exposes one URL for them all. Administrators can ensure routing is correct and use the REST API to configure the necessary rules. This also allows seamless upgrades of clusters behind Trino Gateway in a blue/green deployment mode.

Up to now, many users had to maintain separate forks of the legacy Presto Gateway. Some of these users created numerous improvements in isolation of each other, sometimes even implementing the same feature multiple times. This first release of Trino Gateway starts a strong collaboration of some of these users. Bloomberg contributed the main bulk of the new features, including the much-requested support for authentication and authorization on Trino Gateway itself. Maintainers and contributors from Starburst pulled together the stakeholders and managed the project, and collaborators from Naver, LinkedIn, Dune, and others are already helping out and ready to move the project forward.

There are exciting times ahead for the project, and we have big plans for documentation, installation, and general modernizations of the app, so go and have a look at the project, read the documentation and release notes, file an issue, or submit a pull request:

Interested to find out more? Find us and others users and contributors on the trino-gateway and trino-gateway-dev channels in the Trino community Slack.

Also, don’t forget to tell us about your usage of Trino Gateway or Trino and submit a talk for Trino Summit 2023. And if you just want to learn and listen to others, register as attendee.

Manfred, Martin, and all the other Trino Gateway contributors