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Advanced analytics with SQL and Trino

In the second part of our training series Learning SQL with Trino from the experts Martin Traverso and I built on top of the foundational knowledge from the first training session. We continued to learn more about data types and working with them, including the important strings, numeric, temporal, and JSON types.

The recording of the event allows you to watch it all as if you attended live, jump to specific sections as desired, or pause while you follow along with the demos:

Following are a couple of specific timestamps for interesting topics snippets:

The full timestamps for every part of the talk are in the description on YouTube.

Also make sure you take advantage of these additional resources:

We are halfway through the series, and there is lots more to cover. Don’t forget to register for the next session, join us to ask specific questions, and learn much more about SQL and Trino:

See you next time,