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Trino Summit 2023 nears with an awesome lineup

As winter nears, the days may be getting shorter, but so is the wait until Trino Summit 2023! It’ll be here before you know it on December 13th and 14th. We’ve got a packed speaker lineup full of exciting talks, and we’re ready to share some details with the Trino community today. Read on for a preview of some talks, and if you’re interested in attending, make sure to…

So, who’s going to be talking at Trino Summit? Here’s a quick rundown of the talks coming in from various companies.

Starburst: The mountains Trino climbed in 2023 #

As always, our keynote will come from Martin Traverso, Trino co-founder and co-CTO at Starburst. He’ll be giving a project update on everything exciting that’s happened in Trino since Trino Fest, as well as a sneak peek at the roadmap for features coming to Trino in 2024. It’s one of the best ways to keep up with the ongoing developments in the Trino community, and you won’t want to miss it.

Starburst, Bloomberg, and Naver: Many clusters and only one gateway #

A second talk, which is a collaboration among Starburst, Bloomberg, and Naver, will be exploring the new Trino Gateway, a proxy and load-balancer that has been in the works for a long while in the Trino community. There’s no more need to worry about noisy neighbors or huge queries bullying out the quick and small workloads - with multiple clusters and the Trino Gateway on top, users interact with Trino like normal, but under the hood, queries get routed to available clusters to ensure that the time it takes to get your insights are shorter than ever before.

Airbnb: Trino workload management #

Trino is the main interactive compute engine for offline ad-hoc analytics at Airbnb. Recently, they’ve redesigned their query workload processing on Trino clusters, introducing query cost forecasting and workload awareness scheduling systems. This helps them deliver a more stable and consistent analytics query service to offline data users at Airbnb, with improved performance and speed. And they’ll be explaining how they did it!

Pinterest: Journey to achieving 2x efficiency improvement on Trino #

Trino usage has been growing at Pinterest each year, which comes with growing costs and increased demand on the existing Trino clusters. To help reduce costs and serve their Trino users, the engineering team there has migrated to AWS Graviton, taken advantage of Trino improvements, consolidated traffic, improved job scheduling, and worked to optimize their data and metadata formats. The end result has been a reduction in cost and an increase in query throughput. They’ll be sharing the details on the effort it took to make Trino faster and cheaper at the same time.

Quora: Adopting Trino’s fault-tolerant execution mode #

Quora will be covering how they adopted Trino’s fault-tolerant execution mode to run some of their heaviest ETL jobs. They separate Trino queries from their main data pipelines in two clusters, one running the FTE mode for memory-intensive and longer jobs and another without it for lighter, general pipelines. This separation helped achieve better query failure rates, improved the execution time of long queries due to the more flexible autoscaling in FTE, and provided an alternative to run queries that would otherwise run out of memory without scaling up the cluster.

LinkedIn: Trino upgrades at exabyte scale #

LinkedIn has been keeping up with Trino releases at an impressive rate, but getting to that point has required a lot of time, effort, and work on streamlining the update process. They’ll be discussing the challenges of breaking changes, applying internal patches, and ensuring that there are no meaningful performance regressions. They’ve automated much of this, including implementing a post-commit integration test suite that ensures nothing has broken, and creating an automated test framework that can validate the performance of each new Trino release before it deploys to users.

EA: Migrating 120 million HMS metadata records to AWS Glue without customer impact #

Migrating production databases is a scary task no matter who you are. It’s scarier when you’re talking about 600+ databases, 35,000+ tables, and over 120 million partitions, all of which you need to migrate while avoiding any customer impact. EA managed to pull it off with the help of Trino, and they’ll be at Trino Summit to share how they made it work and what they learned along the way.

SK Telecom: Efficient Kappa architecture with Trino #

SK Telecom is bringing us two talks this year, as they’ve got a lot going on and some unique Trino stories to share!

The first talk will dive into Kappa architecture and the challenges involved in getting it to run in real-time at the massive scale SK Telecom needs. They started with Trino’s Kafka connector, but the limitations of that architecture steered them towards a solution with Flink and Trino’s Iceberg connector, which they’ll explain. They’ll also be sharing some tips and tricks for tuning Flink and Iceberg to get the most out of your Trino deployments.

SK Telecom: Unstructured data analysis using polymorphic table functions in Trino #

The second talk will discuss the challenges of dealing with unstructured data. Pre-processing is essential for analyzing unstructured data, and it’s difficult for ordinary users and analysts to distribute large amounts of unstructured data. With the power of a custom-built polymorphic table function, they were able to invoke Python code within Trino to help structure that data for analysis, solving the problem in a powerful and fascinating way. We’ll get to hear about polymorphic table functions, how they work in Trino, and how anyone else may be able to leverage them to solve problems.

Raft: Avoiding pitfalls with query federation in data lakehouses #

Raft has partnered with the US Department of Defense to build a data fabric that is built on top of Delta Lake, Trino, Apache Kafka, and Open Policy Agent (OPA). This talk will discuss the challenges involved, provide solutions and considerations for each, and end with a demo of Raft’s data fabric. The talk will focus on a plugin for Trino, developed by Raft, that uses OPA as a policy engine to provide fine-grained access control at query time based on a user’s JWT passed along with the query.

Treasure Data: Secure exchange SQL #

Secure Exchange SQL is a production data clean room service deployed at Treasure Data, which leverages Trino and differential privacy technology to enable cross-company data analysis while mitigating the risk of privacy breaches. In their session, they’ll introduce the concept of differential privacy and discuss the privacy protection methods that need to be implemented during SQL processing. To minimize changes to Trino’s codebase, they employed approaches of SQL rewriting and validation at the logical plan level. They’ll explain these methods and provide some practical use cases of their data clean room.

Zomato: Powering data marts through the Trino Iceberg connector #

It’s a common theme in the Trino community - Zomato recently migrated from a traditional data warehouse to a Trino-powered data lakehouse in conjunction with Iceberg. They’ll be discussing how this has enabled their analytics to run better than ever, including periodic updates to their data marts and tackling the challenges involved in maintaining Iceberg tables.

Bazaar: Powering Bazaar`s business operations using Trino #

Bazaar’s talk will discuss how they leverage Trino’s capabilities to optimize data analysis and support data-driven decision-making. The talk specifically explores including real-time data querying across multiple sources and performance optimization, illustrating Trino’s role in Bazaar’s data-centric strategies. This presentation provides in-depth insights for individuals well-versed in Trino, shedding light on the platform’s transformative impact on enhancing e-commerce operations.

Preset: Visualizing Trino with Superset #

Preset will be diving into the “last mile” of the modern data stack and show you how to query and visualize data pulled from Trino with Apache Superset and/or Preset. Specifically, they’ll discuss things like Trino’s federated query support (a common wish for Superset users) and how Superset can support near-real-time analytics for Trino users. They’ll also give a demo of connecting to Trino, building SQL queries, designing charts and dashboards, and other ways to gain insight and stay on top of your data.

VAST: The VAST database catalog #

The VAST Database connector for Trino was open-sourced this year! They’ll be discussing the architecture of VAST and the connector, the purpose and major use cases for it, and demonstrate the workflows surrounding the VAST Database in the Trino ecosystem.

And still more to come! #

Believe it or not, the great lineup we’ve gone over here still isn’t every talk. Stay tuned here or on the Trino Slack to hear about the other speakers as they’re announced. And of course, if you want to catch all these talks live, engage in chat, and have an opportunity to ask questions, make sure to register to attend.