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Final reminder for Trino Summit 2023

Are you ready? Trino Summit 2023 is just two days away, and our lineup of speakers, sponsors, and activities is truly amazing. Make sure to register and join us live.

Over the two days of the event we will enjoy sessions with our speakers from numerous well-known and respected companies, including Airbnb, Apple, Bloomberg, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SK Telecom, and others. Look at the full lineup for details.

Just like last time at Trino Fest 2023 we will have some fun Trino quiz questions for you all to puzzle over, and are ready to reward your fast and correct answers.

Cole Bowden and I will guide you through the two days of the event as hosts. The chat on the event platform as well as the Trino slack channel for the event will allow you to talk to other community members and the presenters, ask questions, and follow up for more answers and discussions.

We will announce the winning entries for our SQL routine competition and look a bit at the implementation. And if you are keen to write one, there is still have time to share your best SQL routine. You might be among the winners.

So you see - Trino Summit 2023 will be great. The event is virtual and free, so there really is no excuse for missing out:

Special thanks for their help with making this Trino Software Foundation event a reality go out to our hosting sponsor Starburst, and our other sponsors Alluxio, Coginiti and Monte Carlo.

We all look forward to see you in just two days. So exciting!