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A sneak peek of Trino Fest 2024

Trino Fest is drawing ever closer. Commander Bun Bun has been hard at work behind the scenes arranging the schedule and making sure that Trino’s trip to Boston is going to be a great one. In case you missed it, we announced Trino Fest a couple months ago, and if you have missed it, make sure to go register to attend! All our speakers will be in person in downtown Boston on the 13th of June, with plenty of opportunities for networking and a happy hour event at the end of the day. But if you can’t make the trip to enjoy the lovely New England summer, we’ll also be live-streaming the event, and you can register to join us virtually.

Still on the fence, though? Read on for a preview of our speaker lineup and brief summaries of their talks. Keep in mind this also isn’t the full lineup, and we’ll follow up soon with the last few talks that round out the schedule.

A brief word from our sponsors… #

Thank you to our sponsors for making this event happen…

And now onto what you’re waiting for: a preview of most of the talks coming to Trino Fest this year!

Lakehouses #

It’s no secret that using Trino as part of your lakehouse has become one of its major use cases in the past few years. We’re excited to say that at Trino Fest, we’ll have representation for each of the modern big three table formats: Iceberg, Delta Lake, and Hudi.

Iceberg #

Apache Iceberg will be covered twice: Amogh Jahagirdar from Tabular will be diving into the world of Iceberg views and how they can be leveraged to coordinate across different query languages and dialects. Amit Gilad from Cloudinary will be covering the story of migrating out of Snowflake to the wonderful world of open table formats and Iceberg.

Delta Lake #

Marius Grama, a Trino contributor at Starburst, will be going into detail on the history, development, and improvements to the Delta Lake connector. With time travel for the Delta Lake connector landing in Trino 445, it’s one of the most exciting areas for development in open source Trino, and there’s some interesting stories that Marius is excited to share with the community.

Hudi #

Rounding out data lakes, Ethan Guo from Onehouse will be diving into Trino’s Hudi connector, giving an update on what’s landed lately to improve performance and functionality. He’ll also give a preview of what’s coming soon. The features are flying in, and if you’re a current or prospective user of Hudi with Trino, you won’t want to miss out.

Data takes #

Of course, there’s more to Trino than querying data lakes, and there’s a wide variety of talks to discuss the other activities going on within the Trino community.

Small scale #

Ben Jeter at Executive Homes, who gave a talk at Trino Fest last year while at Datto, is back to discuss running Trino at a more moderate scale than that we’re used to hearing about in the Trino space. Forget petabytes and exabytes, and welcome a tiny cluster querying thousands, not millions, of records that still derives huge value from Trino. It’s a great playbook for smaller startups and enterprises who still need robust, flexible, performant analytics.

Maximizing performance #

Jonas Kylling from Dune will be detailing how they’ve managed to optimize Trino and squeeze out every ounce of performance to reduce query costs and runtimes. That includes leveraging the new Alluxio-based file system caching, emulating various cluster sizes to avoid expensive idle cluster time, and storing, sampling, and filtering query results to avoid re-executing queries.

Query intelligence #

Marton Bod and Vinitha Gankidi from Apple bring insights to query intelligence. They’ll demonstrate how Apple has understood when their clusters are most utilized and who’s using them, enabling slicing and dicing along different dimensions. Having a query intelligence dataset can be used for real-time cluster dashboarding, self-service troubleshooting, and automatic generation of recommendations for users, all of which can empower Trino to be better than ever.

And more! #

Of course, Trino’s own Martin Traverso will be giving a keynote on the latest and greatest in the project, covering everything big that’s landed since Trino Summit, as well as a glimpse at the roadmap for the project in the coming few months. Several other big talks are falling into place that we can’t announce just yet, so stay tuned for more info as the event draws nearer.

Trino contributor congregation #

The day after Trino Fest, we’ll also be hosting an in-person meetup for Trino contributors and engineers to catch up, discuss the Trino roadmap, and engage directly with the maintainers in-person. It’s a great opportunity to put faces and voices to those GitHub handles, align on the big ideas or tricky PRs that have been moving slowly, and find more ways to get involved in Trino development. If you’re interested in attending, message Manfred Moser or Cole Bowden on the Trino Slack, and we’ll get you added to the attendee list and share more details.