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Leveraging Trino to power data at Goldman Sachs

05 Dec 2022 | Sumit Halder, Siddhant Chadha, Suman-Newton, Ramesh Bhanan, Cole Bowden

Continuing with the Trino Summit 2022 sessions posts, we’re diving into an insightful lightning talk from Goldman Sachs. They explore how they use Trino to help ensure data quality across...

Optimizing Trino using spot instances with Zillow

01 Dec 2022 | Santhosh Venkatraman, Rupesh Kumar Perugu, Brian Olsen

In this installment of the Trino Summit 2022 sessions posts, we jump into an exciting topic by folks from Zillow about running Trino on spot instances. Spot instances are cheap...

Trino delivers for Amazon Athena

01 Dec 2022 | Manfred Moser, Martin Traverso

Our community just keeps growing! Today, it is time to reach out and welcome another large group of Trino users. The release of the new engine version for Amazon Athena...

Enterprise-ready Trino at Bloomberg: One Giant Leap Toward Data Mesh!

30 Nov 2022 | Vishal Jadhav, Pablo Arteaga, Cole Bowden

This post continues a larger series of posts on the Trino Summit 2022 sessions. Following the Trino at Apple talk, engineers from Bloomberg shared the latest about their additions to...

Trino at Apple

28 Nov 2022 | Vinitha Gankidi, Yathi Peddyshetty, Brian Olsen

This post continues a larger series of posts on the Trino Summit 2022 sessions. Following the Keynote: State of Trino session, engineers from Apple shared the current usage of Trino...

Trino Summit 2022 recap: The state of Trino

22 Nov 2022 | Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips, Cole Bowden

To kick off the Trino Summit 2022, we heard from Trino co-creators Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, and David Phillips. Martin gave a talk on the state of Trino and project...

Trino Summit 2022 recap

21 Nov 2022 | Brian Olsen

Trino Summit 2022 was in a word, invigorating. I’m still coming off the high from the amount of energy I gained from being at this summit, meeting many of you...

Top five reasons to attend Trino Summit 2022

31 Oct 2022 | Brian Olsen

This blog post wraps up a series of previous posts teasing Trino Summit 2022. The conference is free and takes place in San Francisco, California on November 10th. Join us...

Trino Summit 2022: Federating humans and data

19 Oct 2022 | Brian Olsen

Trino has long been the de facto standard to querying large data sets over your cloud or on-prem storage, also known as data lakes. This Trino Summit’s theme instead will...

Release of the second edition of Trino: The Definitive Guide

03 Oct 2022 | Manfred Moser, Martin Traverso, Matt Fuller

It was time for a refresh. A little while ago in April 2021, we announced the Trino version of our definitive guide. But again, Trino as a project and community...

Trino Summit 2022 will be legendary

22 Sep 2022 | Brian Olsen, Dain Sundstrom

Commander Bun Bun is back and this year we have an exciting lineup of speakers. Topics range from architectures like data mesh and data lakehouse, to running Trino at scale...

Trino charms Python

20 Sep 2022 | Manfred Moser, Brian Zhan, Dain Sundstrom

Wow, have we ever come a long way with Python support for Trino. It feels like ages ago that we talked about DB-API, trino-python-client, SQLAlchemy, Apache Superset, and more in...

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