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Trino Community Broadcast

42: Trino Summit 2022 recap

Nov 17, 2022




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Releases 402 to 403

Official highlights from Martin Traverso:

Trino 402

  • Support for column comments in Hive and Iceberg views.
  • Support predicate pushdown on temporal types in MongoDB connector.
  • Faster OR, nullif, and arithmetic operations in SQL Server connector.

Trino 403

  • Support for DELETE in MongoDB.
  • Faster aggregations.
  • Faster data transfers with fault-tolerant execution.
  • Faster SHOW SCHEMAS in BigQuery.
  • Faster expire_snapshots in Apache Iceberg.

More detailed information is available in the release notes for Trino 402, and Trino 403.

Trino Summit 2022 recap

This episode we’re doing a recap of both the Trino Summit and the first Trino Contributor Congregation. We dive into what everyone’s favorite Trino Summit sessions were. Then we cover key takeaways from the Trino Contributor Congregation, which took place the day after.

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Music for the show is from the Megaman 6 Game Play album by Krzysztof Slowikowski.