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Trino Community Broadcast

55: Commander Bun Bun peeks at Peaka

Jan 18, 2024




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Releases 437-438

Trino 437

  • Support for configuring compression codecs
  • Support for char values in the to_utf8() and lpad() functions
  • Improved performance for Delta Lake queries without table statistics
  • Improved performance for Iceberg queries with filters on ROW columns

Trino 438

  • Support for access control with Open Policy Agent
  • Support for ALTER COLUMN ... DROP NOT NULL in Iceberg and PostgreSQL
  • Support for configuring page sizes in Delta Lake, Hive, and Iceberg
  • Better type support for the reduce_agg() function

And over in the land of the Trino Gateway…

Concept of the episode: Peaka

Another Trino Community Broadcast episode means another cool piece of technology that uses Trino for us to show off to the community. This time it’s Peaka, a no-code approach to date warehousing that makes it easier than ever to set up your data stack without needing a ton of complex engineering.

In their own words, Peaka is a platform that merges disparate data sources into a single data layer, letting you join and blend them, query them using SQL or natural language, and expose your data to outside users through APIs. Sounds a bit like Trino, right? That’s because underneath the hood, Trino is a key part of how they’re making it happen. In this episode, we talk to the team at Peaka about where they got started, how they’re making it easier than ever to leverage the federation that Trino is capable of, and the work they’ve done on top to integrate their platform with every SaaS data source under the sun.

Demo of the episode: Using Peaka!

If you want to see what the platform is like, then look no further. We’ll be exploring:

  • Connecting to data sources
  • Filtering and combining data
  • Editing and running queries, including their visual query editor
  • Natural language queries
  • Visualizing data

PR of the episode: #18719: Filesystem caching with Alluxio

Perhaps it’s a little easier to link to the issue for tracking the rollout, but however you want to present it, caching in Trino is renewed! Caching is a huge performance win for a wide variety of use cases, allowing the engine to run faster, better, and pump out query results at an unparalleled pace. This is going to lead to performance improvements for Trino queries using the supported object storage connectors, and you’ll hear more from us about it once it’s officially launched. The best part is that there’s even more coming down the line as support for it is expanded.