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Trino Community Broadcast

57: Seeing clearly with OpenTelemetry

Mar 14, 2024




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Trino releases

Trino 440

  • New Snowflake connector
  • Support for sub-queries inside UNNEST clauses
  • Support for row filtering and column masking with Open Policy Agent
  • Improved latency when filesystem caching is enabled in Delta and Iceberg connectors

Trino 441

  • Remove the default legacy mode for

And there is a regression for Iceberg, so wait for 442 potentially. (Update: Trino 442 is released.)

Other Trino news


OpenTelemetry is a widely-used collection of APIs, SDKs, and tools that instrument, generate, collect, and export telemetry data such as metrics, logs, and traces to help you analyze application performance and behavior.

In our conversation with Matt and David we cover all the following aspects, and a few other topics:

  • What is OpenTelemetry?
  • Some basic concepts like logs, spans, traces
  • How is this related to JMX and system data and other monitoring
  • What is OpenMetrics? How is it related to Prometheus?
  • What tools can you use with OpenTelemetry? Jaeger, Datadog, …
  • Reasoning to add OpenTelemetry to Trino
  • Implementation details
  • Trino documentation with local example usage with Docker containers for Trino and Jaeger
  • Practical experience
  • Demo of real world usage with Starburst Galaxy and Datadog
  • Bonus topic - JSON-format logging via TCP socket

Rounding out

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Music for the show is from the Megaman 6 Game Play album by Krzysztof Slowikowski.