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Trino Community Broadcast

58: Understanding your users with Trino and Mitzu

Apr 4, 2024




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Trino releases

Trino 442

  • Add support for configuring AWS deployment type in OpenSearch connector.
  • Fix a regression from 440 in Iceberg connector.

Trino 443

  • Ensure all files are deleted when native S3 file system support is enabled, and some other object storage connector improvements.
  • Add support for a custom authorization header name in Prometheus connector.

Trino 444

  • Update Docker image to use Java 22 for runtime.
  • Numerous performance improvements for the Snowflake connector.
  • Add support for reading BYTE_STREAM_SPLIT encoding in Parquet files.
  • Add support for canned access control lists with the native S3 file system.

Other Trino news


Mitzu is a warehouse-native product analytics platform that revolutionizes how companies leverage their product usage data in the data lake.

By directly connecting to Trino, Mitzu eliminates the need for traditional reverse ETL processes to 3rd party applications such as Amplitude or Mixpanel. Mitzu enables real-time self-served product analytics on top of the existing data infrastructure with generated SQL queries.

In our conversation and demo session with István we cover all the following aspects and a few other topics:

  • What is product analytics?
  • Discuss some key terms, such as segmentation, funnels, and retention, and discuss what insights and benefit become available.
  • What are some example use cases?
  • What kind of products can be analyzed?
  • Use of Mitzu for marketing.
  • What other product analytics tools exist, and what sets Mitzu apart?
  • How is Trino involved to make Mitzu warehouse-native?
  • What are the advantages of being warehouse-native? What does that mean?
  • Compare with Mitzu on other data platforms.
  • Implementation details of the Mitzu and Trino integration, such as connectors, security, and client libraries
  • How to use Mitzu in terms of deployment and configuration.
  • Cool features of Mitzu.
  • Practical experience and customers.

Rounding out

Trino Fest news:

  • Speakers are selected, contact and announcement coming soon
  • Register now, and book travel and hotel.
  • Contact us to join the Trino Contributor Congregation the next day

Other news and events:

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Music for the show is from the Megaman 6 Game Play album by Krzysztof Slowikowski.