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Advanced SQL in Presto with David

You have read our book Trino: The Definitive Guide, practiced with various SQL examples, and consulted our Presto documentation. Great steps to become a Presto and SQL expert. However, learning efficient and advanced SQL can take years of experience. Luckily we have some help from an expert coming your way.

Join us for a free webinar Advanced SQL in Presto with David Phillips.


With nearly 200 live attendees and a two hour session we ended with lots of questions from the engaged audience. After 20 minutes overtime we wrapped up the successful event. Check out the presentation slides and the recording:

Download the slides

In our new Presto Training Series we give Presto users an opportunity to learn advanced skills from the co-creators of Presto – David Phillips, Martin Traverso and Dain Sundstrom. Beyond the basics, each of the four training sessions covers critical topics for scaling Presto to more users and use cases.

Our first session with David is geared towards helping users understand how to run more complex and comprehensive SQL queries with Presto. Delivered by David Phillips, this session covers to following topics:

  • Using JSON and other complex data types
  • Advanced aggregation techniques
  • Window functions
  • Array and map functions
  • Lambda expressions
  • Many other SQL functions and features

Date: Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Time: 10am PDT (San Francisco), 1pm EDT (New York), 6pm BST (London), 5pm UTC

Duration: 2h

Register now! #

We look forward to many Presto users joining us.

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