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Securing Presto with Dain

All the useful and fast running queries your created with the knowledge from David’s training about advanced SQL and Martin’s training about query tuning created a problem. You now have lots of users on your Presto cluster that want to access all sorts of different data source, have different privileges and corporate security asked about your plans. How about you tap into some help from Dain:

Join us for a free webinar Securing Presto with Dain Sundstrom.


What a great training session! Dain captured the audience and lots of questions were covered beyond all the great material from the slides. Everything is now available for your convenience:

Download the slides

In our new Presto Training Series we give Presto users an opportunity to learn advanced skills from the co-creators of Presto – David Phillips, Martin Traverso and Dain Sundstrom. Beyond the basics, each of the four training sessions covers critical topics for scaling Presto to more users and use cases.

In this training session Dain teaches you how to securely deploy Presto at scale. We cover how to secure Presto itself, access to Presto, and access to your underlying data. This session covers the following topics:

  • Presto authentication, including password & LDAP Authentication
  • Authorization to access your data sources
  • Encryption including Presto client-to-coordinator communication
  • Secure communication in the cluster
  • Support for Kerberos
  • Secrets usage for configuration files including catalogs

Date: Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Time: 10am PDT (San Francisco), 1pm EDT (New York), 6pm BST (London), 5pm UTC

Duration: 2h

Register now! #

We look forward to many Presto users joining us.

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