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Happy tenth birthday Trino!

It’s inspiring and mindblowing to reflect on the ten year journey that has produced the community around Trino. Trino is the community-driven fork from Presto, the distributed big data SQL query engine created at Facebook in 2012. We are a community of engineers, scientists, analysts, and visionaries that work in a fast paced world where the expectations on the time to insights from our analytics and the scale of the data are ever-increasing. Sometimes words only do so much justice to encompass a journey like this one, so we created a video to let you experience it yourself! Enjoy!

Trino’s first ten years video #

As we watch the video and think back to the five years Presto and Trino shared, you begin to appreciate the organic development of the community, and the excitement around the solution space that the project brought to big data. As a baseline, Trino offers a faster and more interactive alternative to accessing data stored in HDFS via Hive. But the project didn’t stop there. Development of the SPI abstracted metadata and storage access to different systems, making Trino a suitable engine to query an entire data ecosystem from one location using ANSI SQL! Since the projects split, Trino has skyrocketed in development from the original project and added an array of features that we’ve listed out in the evolution of the Trino architecture blog post.

To really celebrate this milestone, we wanted to offer some exciting ways for you to learn more about Trino, and spin up Trino on your own system to play around with it. We have a list of blogs, project stats, and ways to get involved below. Starburst is also celebrating by offering free Trino birthday t-shirts when you complete their Space Quest League mission. Also don’t forget to attend our annual Trino Summit in November!

Learn more about Trino #

Getting started with Trino #

Community statistics #

  • 28250+ commits 💻 in GitHub
  • 5750+ stargazers ⭐ in GitHub
  • 7350+ members 👋 in Slack
  • 6950+ pull requests merged ✅ in GitHub
  • 4000+ issues 📝 created in GitHub
  • 3750+ followers 🐦 on Twitter
  • 650+ average weekly members 💬 in Slack
  • 1050+ subscribers 📺 in YouTube
  • 38 Trino Community Broadcast ▶️ episodes
  • 264 Presto + Trino 🚀 releases (not including PrestoDB releases since the fork)

Join our community #

Trino Summit 2022 #

We hope you all join us in celebrating Trino’s birthday today. If you want to learn even more, sign up for our hybrid event, Trino Summit, on the 10th of November 2022. If you have a talk you’d like to give around Trino, the call for speakers is open until September 15th.

Join our community. We look forward to having you!

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