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Trino charms Python

Wow, have we ever come a long way with Python support for Trino. It feels like ages ago that we talked about DB-API, trino-python-client, SQLAlchemy, Apache Superset, and more in Trino Community Broadcast episode 12. More recently we talked about dbt in episode 21 and episode 30, but there is so much more for Pythonistas, Pythonians, Python programmers, and simply users of Python-powered tools.

Where are we now #

Python usage shows up with nearly every Trino deployment these days, and we had some really great developments for you all recent months:

And of course there are well-known usages such as notebooks everywhere, on your workstation, in your company, and out in the cloud. But is there more? There must be!

What else could we do #

All of these developments are great for our users. I want to encourage you all to try these tools and learn how amazing they are with Trino. At the same time it feels like there got to be even more. The Python ecosystem is so large, and there are probably dozens of use cases we never heard about, have not considered, or dreamed about in our wildest dreams.

On the other hand I am sure there are still problems with these tools and integrations. What is an edge case for us, might be a daily task for you. What we consider hard and complicated, might be just what you have to deal with anyway. And in the spirit of constant improvement, we really want to fix these things and make it all amazing. But we need your help.

Let us know what you think #

This is now your opportunity to tell us what need to make your Trino and Python experience better.

Conclusion #

Trino, Python, and all the tools in the ecosystem go from strength to strength. With your help we want to supercharge the tooling to hero levels. With your help and input we can do it.

Join us in the python-client on Trino slack, and don’t forget to answer that survey.

Thanks, and see you at the Trino Summit 2022.

Manfred, Brian, and Dain