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Chinese edition of Trino: The Definitive Guide

Trino, Trino, Trino everywhere. Just looking at our website stats and the users in our community chat, we know that Trino is going places. We also know that one of these places with a large user community is China. And now we have good news for you. A translation of the second edition of the book to Chinese is now available.

Today, we are happy to announce that a Chinese translation of the book Trino: The Definitive Guide is now available for the communities all across China and far beyond and hopefully a lowers the barrier to Trino for native speakers. We invite you all to get your own copy:

Our thanks goes out the teams at O’Reilly and dangdang for making this happen. We hope many readers will benefit from the translated edition.

We look forward to chatting with many of our new readers and Trino users on the general-cn channel in the Trino community Slack, other channels, and direct messaging.

Also, don’t forget to tell us about your usage of Trino. You can contact us on Slack to be a guest in Trino Community Broadcast or submit a talk for Trino Summit 2023. And if you just want to learn and listen to others, register as attendee for Trino Summit 2023.

Manfred, Martin, and Matt