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Trino Summit 2023 recap

Two days of non-stop Trino action are done! Last week, Trino Summit 2023 took place virtually another great community event. Great presentations from Trino experts across the globe showed different use cases and experiences with Trino.

Recap #

During the event, our lively audience of over 600 attendees asked questions from the speakers and each other on chat, and we had fun with Trino trivia questions.

We talked about the SQL routine competition and announced Kevin Liu from Stripe and Jan Was from Starburst as the winners. You can find their submissions in the examples page for SQL routines.

Starburst announced their Trino Champions program. Kevin and Jan are the first recipients of the award and will receive their swag packs soon. Going forward, new champions will be crowned regularly, and Starburst is looking for nominations.

Sessions #

If you missed out on the event, the following list of all the sessions provides links to the recordings. Over time, we will follow up with blog posts about each session with the presentation and further details.

Shout outs #

Shout outs for all their work with the speakers and organizing the event go to Anna Schibli, Mandy Darnell, and Monica Miller from the Trino Summit event team, and everyone else at Starburst who helped make this event a success.

Special thanks for making this Trino Software Foundation event a reality go out to our hosting sponsor Starburst, and our other sponsors Alluxio, Coginiti and Monte Carlo.

We will see you all at future Trino Contributor Congregations, Trino Fest 2024, Trino Summit 2024, and other events related to Trino.

Sponsors #