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Big names round out the Trino Fest 2024 lineup

We gave a sneak peek of the Trino Fest lineup a month ago, and we’re excited to now bring you the full lineup for the event. We’ve got some major names being added, including Amazon, Microsoft, and another talk from Apple. With Fourkites and a joint talk with LanceDB and CharacterAI also added to the schedule, we’re excited to present the full lineup for Trino Fest 2024.

Trino Fest is barely a month away on the 13th of June, and whether you want to attend live in Boston or tune in virtually, this is a reminder that you should register to attend!

Trino Fest, the contributor congregation, and logistics

In case you missed our announcement of Trino Fest, it’s a hybrid event taking place from 9am-5pm Eastern Time on June 13th. It’ll feature talks from a wide range of Trino users and contributors, with topics ranging from use cases, migrations, cluster management and administration, to lakehouse integrations and more. If you want to join us in-person, we’ll be at the Hyatt Regency Boston. There will also be a meeting for Trino contributors the day after the event at the Starburst office in Boston from 9am-1pm, and if you’d be interested in attending that, please reach out to myself (Cole Bowden) or Manfred Moser on the Trino Slack.

If you still haven’t booked a hotel, we also have a discounted rate at the Hyatt for the event to make life easy - whether that’s waking up and heading downstairs for the start of the event, or being able to quickly duck back to your room for a 30-minute meeting without missing too much. One link will take you to a booking for just the night before the event, while the other allows you to optionally book an extra night prior or include the night after Trino Fest so you can stick around for the contributor congregation or explore Boston.

And don’t forget those additional speakers

George Fisher, Ishan Patwa, and Oleg Savin will be diving deep into how Trino is leveraged at Microsoft. While we’ve previously had LinkedIn at Trino events, this is the first time the Trino community is getting to hear about the scale of Trino within Microsoft proper, and with their plans to cover clients, integrations, result caching, a sharded connector, visualization for monitoring, and AKS deployment with Azure, there will be a lot to learn.

Alok Kumar Prusty and Amogh Margoor from Apple will be joining the lineup to discuss Trino query intelligence. With the mountain of query metadata, the team at Apple has been able to better understand Trino usage and use that knowledge to create impactful improvements for their Trino users. With dashboarding, self-service troubleshooting, and automatic recommendations for query optimization, Alok and Amogh will detail how a world-class engineering team can take an awesome tool like Trino and make it even better for the end users.

Also relatively new to the Trino community is discussing AI workloads. Lei Xu from LanceDB and Noah Shpak from will be highlighting exactly that, using Trino as an analytics engine on top of a LanceDB-powered vector data lake. With AI data so often being in a silo, analyzing it with a traditional SQL workload is often expensive or complicated… but Lei and Noah will be demonstrating how’s LanceDB/Trino pairing maintains the power of both systems while making it easy.

Dai Ozaki from Amazon will be diving into how to optimize Trino with S3. Given how many people are using Trino with S3 already, hearing directly from Dai, an engineer at Amazon, regarding best practices and optimizations should prove beneficial for a massive chunk of the Trino community. Dai plans on talking about how Trino and S3 interact, and how that knowledge can be used to get the most out of your stack and avoid common bottlenecks.

And last but not least, Aprit Garg from FourKites will be discussing utilizing Trino to handle nearly a petabyte of logs. FourKites is able to ingest massive amounts of logs, use S3 and Parquet to keep storage costs low, transform and extract logs at scale, and then use Trino as the engine to query those logs and reference them in context with other data sets and data stores. Arpit will also touch on using Superset as a frontend for Trino.

And keep in mind - all of that is in addition to the talks we’ve already announced! Register to attend, book your hotel, and the Trino community is looking forward to seeing you there!