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22: TrinkedIn: LinkedIn gets a Trino promotion

Jul 22, 2021




Video sections

Commander Bun Bun, landing the job!


Upcoming release and Trino Summit

Sneak peek items for 360

  • Automatic cluster internal TLS
  • Views support in Iceberg connector
  • Documentation for materialized views SQL commands
  • DELETE and batch insert support for various JDBC-based connectors

Trino Summit 2021

Get excited for this year’s Trino Summit hosted by Starburst. Registration and call for papers is now open!

LinkedIn is hiring!

Concept of the week: Trino at LinkedIn

The LinkedIn team covers the concept of the week in this section.

PR of the week: Digging into join queries

Today our PR of the week is from the future 🔮! LinkedIn is currently investigating the issue. This gives us a chance to talk about the research aspects that go into a PR.

With a view V that performs a UNION ALL from an old table O and a new migrated table N. For datepartition values older than D (say 2021-06-05), table O will be referred for data, while for date equal to or greater than D, data from N will be used.

The query in question is:

AND cast(substring(datepartition,1,10) as date) >= date('2021-06-08')

Here, table Z has stats available and only have 17 rows in them. While the data from view V (which is entirely from underlying table N for this query) has say billions of rows.

This query used to take about 39 seconds to run before our upgrade (PrestoSQL-333). After the upgrade (Trino-352) it increased to approximately thirty-five minutes.

Question of the week: How can I query the Hive views from Trino?

We actually covered the answer in episode 18.

You can use the Coral project that allows for translation between different SQL syntax. For example, it processes Hive QL statements and convert them to an internal representation using Apache Calcite. It then converts the internal representation to Trino SQL. See the docs for more details.

This diagram shows the creation of a Hive view, then shows the sequence of events when Trino reads that view.



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Music for the show is from the Megaman 6 Game Play album by Krzysztof Słowikowski.