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Trino Community Broadcast

53: Understanding your data with Coginiti and Trino

Nov 16, 2023




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Releases 431-433

Trino 431

  • Support for SQL routines and CREATE/DROP FUNCTION
  • Support for REPLACE modifier in CREATE TABLE
  • Improved latency for prepared statements in JDBC driver

Trino 432

  • Faster filtering on columns containing long strings in Parquet data.
  • Predicate pushdown for real and double columns in MongoDB.
  • Support for Iceberg REST catalog in the register_table and unregister_table procedures.
  • Support for BEARER authentication for Nessie catalog.

Trino 433

  • Improved support for Hive schema evolution.
  • Add support for altering table comments in the Glue catalog.

Also note that Trino 433 also includes documentation for CREATE/DROP CATALOG. Check out the third SQL training session for a demo.

SQL routine competition

Trino 431 finally delivered the long-awaited support for SQL routines. To celebrate and see what you all come up with, we are running a competition. Share your best SQL routine, and win a reward sponsored by Starburst.

Call for Java 21 testing

Java 21, the latest LTS release of Java, arrived in September 2023, and we want to take advantage of the performance improvements, language features, and new libraries. But to do so, we need your input and confirmation that everything works as expected.

Concept of the episode: JDBC driver

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an important standard for any JVM-based application, that wants to access a relational database. Trino ships a JDBC driver that abstracts all the low-level details of our conversational REST API for client tools and supports various authentication mechanisms, TLS, and other features. This allows tools like Coginiti to ignore those details, and work with the community on any improvements for the benefit of all users.

Client tool focus on Coginiti

Matthew and Roman are joining us from Coginiti. Coginiti delivers higher-quality analytics faster. Coginiti provides an AI-enabled enterprise data workspace that integrates modular development, version control, and data quality testing throughout the analytic development lifecycle.

With support for Trino, Coginiti as a client tool provides access to all the configured catalogs in Trino. It enables data engineers and analyst to work together in a shared platform, reducing duplication in their work, and bringing “Don’t repeat yourself (DRY)” to analysts.

We talk about why Coginiti added support for Trino. Coginiti is not a compute platform itself, but access to many platforms enables a “data blender thinking”. So as a user you start caring less about the location and source of the database, and more about the data itself and how you can mix it together to gain better insights. Every enterprise has more than one data platform, with different data warehouses, RDBMSes, and data lakes. Matthew talks about reasons for this situation,. and how Trino as a partner platform to enables users to federate across all of these platforms when needed.

Demo of the episode: Coginiti and Trino

In the demo of Coginiti, Roman and Matthew show some of the features of the tool that enable code reuse and managing transformations on Trino. A tour through major aspects of the application gives a good impression on benefits and supported use cases.

Rounding out

Our line up for speakers and sessions for Trino Summit is nearly finalized. Join us on the 13th and 14th of December for the free, virtual event. Stay tuned for details about all the sessions soon, and in the meantime - don’t forget to register.

Our Trino SQL training series just had a successful third session yesterday, and you can check out all the material in our follow up blog posts:

There is still a chance for you to register and attend the fourth session live.

If you want to learn more about Trino, get the definitive guide from O’Reilly. You can download the free PDF or buy the book online.

Music for the show is from the Megaman 6 Game Play album by Krzysztof Slowikowski.