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Trino optimization with distributed caching on data lakes

21 Jul 2023 | Hope Wang, Beinan Wang, and Cole Bowden

By 2025, there will be 100 zetabytes stored in the cloud. That’s 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes - a huge, eye-popping number. But only about 10% of that data is actually used on...

Inspecting Trino on ice

19 Jul 2023 | Kevin Liu, Ryan Duan

For those unfamiliar, Stripe is an online payment processor that facilitates online payments for digital-native merchants. They use Trino to facilitate ad hoc analytics, enable dashboarding, and provide an API...

Data mesh implementation using Hive views

17 Jul 2023 | Alejandro Rojas, Cole Bowden

At Comcast, data is used in a data mesh ecosystem, with a vision where users can discover data and request data through a self-service platform. With federation, various tools, and...

DuneSQL - A query engine for blockchain data

14 Jul 2023 | Miguel Filipe, Jonas Irgens Kylling, Ryan Duan

The need to make blockchain data easily accessible has risen over the recent years due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other uses of blockchains. Dune has made it...

Let it snow for Trino

12 Jul 2023 | Yu Teng, Erik Anderson, Cole Bowden

In this recap, we can skip right to the exciting part: through the joint efforts of engineers at ForePaaS and Bloomberg, there is a Snowflake connector coming to Trino! Though...

Redis & Trino - Real-time indexed SQL queries (new connector)

10 Jul 2023 | Allen Terleto, Julien Ruaux, Ryan Duan

Ever since the pandemic, it has become clear that the need for a digital first economy is becoming more and more necessary. As Redis’ Field CTO Allen Terleto said during...

Skip rocks and files: Turbocharge Trino queries with Hudi’s multi-modal indexing subsystem

07 Jul 2023 | Nadine Farah, Sagar Sumit, Cole Bowden

Optimizing data access and query performance is crucial to building low-latency applications and running analytics. Even with the modern data lakehouse designed to be as efficient and performant as possible,...

AWS Athena (Trino) in the cybersecurity space

05 Jul 2023 | Anas Shakra, Ryan Duan

Arctic Wolf Networks, a cybersecurity company that provides security monitoring to cyber threats, is one of the companies that have recently switched to using AWS Athena as a new and...

Ibis: Because SQL is everywhere and so is Python

03 Jul 2023 | Phillip Cloud, Cole Bowden

The PyData stack has been described as “unreasonably effective,” empowering its users to glean insights and analyze moderate amounts of data with a high level of flexibility and excellent visualization....

CDC patterns in Apache Iceberg

30 Jun 2023 | Ryan Blue, Ryan Duan

Have you ever wanted to keep your data in a table and have an efficient way to interact with them? Iceberg, an open standard table format, is exactly what you...

Zero-cost reporting

28 Jun 2023 | Jan Waś, Cole Bowden

Let’s say you have some data. Maybe it’s in a spreadsheet, a CSV file, a relational database, or multiple terabytes of data in an S3 bucket. You need to run...

Anomaly detection for Salesforce’s production data using Trino

26 Jun 2023 | Tuli Nivas, Geeta Shankar, Ryan Duan

Rolling into our next presentation from Trino Fest 2023, we’re excited to bring you Tuli Navas and Geeta Shankar’s talk from the Performance Engineering Team at Salesforce. They provide numerous...

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