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1: What is Presto, WITH RECURSIVE, and Hive connector

Sep 24, 2020




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Today’s concept covers a big overview of what Presto is for those that are new to Presto. For mor information about Presto, check out the following resources: Website Documentation Download the Free Presto O’Reilly Book Learn how to contribute Join our community on the Slack channel

In this PR we covered pull request 5163 which is actually just a documentation update around the existing experimental features of the WITH RECURSIVE feature. The extended development of this feature is still being tracked and documented in issue 1122. As with many problems in recursion, the solution space typically exponentially increases and so it is something that can easily be misused and cause problems. We run the query and discuss it as well as some of the things that can go wrong. Check out he pull request to see more documentation that was added around it.

In the question of the week, we covered a lot of the confusion around the hive connector( Feel free to try out the katacoda example I created and will be nesting within an intro to the hive connector blog. This is running on a non-paid katacoda account so resources are scarce at times and it may take a while to load. Nevertheless, the information written around it will help you quickly have a Presto environment to play with.

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If you want to learn more about Presto yourself, you should check out the O’Reilly Trino Definitive guide. You can download the free PDF or buy the book online.

Music for the show is from the Megaman 6 Game Play album by Krzysztof Słowikowski.