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Trino Community Broadcast

2: Kubernetes, arrays on Elasticsearch, and security breaks the UI

Oct 7, 2020




Video sections

This week we had a bit of a technical issue between zoom and OBS so there was some editing done to remove a portion of the broadcast which mainly cuts out us covering the releases. We circle back and give a small summary but unfortunately lost the majority of that part of the conversation.

In this week’s concept, we cover a general overview of kubernetes and how kubernetes is used when deploying and scaling up . We also dive into how this is being used at our guest Cory Darby’s company, BlueCat.

In this week’s pull request covers a pull request which closes ticket This was actually a PR Brian submitted some months ago. He dives into a bit about Elasticsearch mappings and how Elasticsearch models their data. He then covers how this motivated the pull request addressing the need for explicit mappings of which Elasticsearch fields are array types vs scalar.

In this week’s question, we answer, “Why does the web ui say “disabled”?” This typically comes from a security setup issue and there’s another similar issue when you are using a proxy that we cover as a bonus.

Release Notes discussed:

Manfred’s Training - SQL at any scale < /0636920462859/>


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