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3: Running two Presto distributions and Kafka headers as Presto columns

Oct 22, 2020




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In this week’s concept, Manfred discusses what an SPI (service provider interface) is and covers the connector architecture of Presto, Starburst, and Custom.

In this week’s pull request, came from user Sven Pfennig. Sven works for Syncier GmbH and as part of his role there he gets to contribute to open source projects such as Presto. Thanks Sven! We jump into a quick setup of a kafka broker using the kafka quickstart tutorial and I use the kafkacat tool to show off the addition of headers in Kafka that Sven has provided us and discuss why this is beneficial.

Here’s the crazy select statement I used to decode the binary values to utf text of the foo column

   reduce(element_at(_headers,'foo'), '', (s, c) -> s || from_utf8(c), s -> s) AS foo 
FROM kafka.default.pcb 
WHERE contains(map_keys(_headers), 'foo');

An alternative tutorial that uses the TPC dataset can be located on the website site.

This weeks question was accidentally cut off as I had mapped my Shift + R key to toggle streaming/recording and this cut the broadcast when I typed the R in FROM.

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Music for the show is from the Megaman 6 Game Play album by Krzysztof Słowikowski.