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8: Trino: A ludicrously fast query engine: past, present, and future

Jan 11, 2021




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Well, we’re back, and no longer waving the Presto® flag like we did before. If you haven’t heard, Presto® SQL is now Trino ( Read more about that here). In this episode, we sit down with the four original creators of Presto® and discuss the journey in more detail of what led us to our current trajectory with the Presto® SQL project and why that is now being renamed to Trino. We also discuss how this affects those that are using Trino. If you are developing on Trino and have the old namespace check out the guide to migrate here.

We also discuss the differences between the two projects. It is actually a lot after two years since the split, and we recommend looking at the blog we wrote at the end of 2019 and keep your eyes peeled for the blog we are writing to summarize the changes in 2020!

Finally, we cover some sneak peeks at the roadmap for Trino in 2021.

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If you want to learn more about Trino, check out the definitive guide from OReilly. You can download the free PDF or buy the book online.

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