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Presto: The Definitive Guide

Presto: The Definitive Guide
SQL at Any Scale, on Any Storage, in Any Environment

The project has moved to the new name Trino, and the content of this book continues to apply to Trino.

By Matt Fuller, Martin Traverso, Manfred Moser
O’Reilly Media
Release Date:
April 2020

Perform fast interactive analytics against different data sources using the Presto high-performance, distributed SQL query engine. With this practical guide, you’ll learn how to conduct analytics on data where it lives, whether it’s Hive, Cassandra, a relational database, or a proprietary data store. Analysts, software engineers, and production engineers will learn how to manage, use, and even develop with Presto.

Initially developed by Facebook, open source Presto is now used by Netflix, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, and many other companies. Matt Fuller, Manfred Moser, and Martin Traverso from Starburst show you how a single Presto query can combine data from multiple sources to allow for analytics across your entire organization.

Get started: Explore Presto’s use cases and learn about tools that will help you connect to Presto and query data

Go deeper: Learn Presto’s internal workings, including how to connect to and query data sources with support for SQL statements, operators, functions, and more

Put Presto in production: Use this query engine for security and monitoring and with other applications; learn how other organizations apply Presto