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Optimizing the Casts Away

21 May 2019 | Martin Traverso

The next release of Presto (version 312) will include a new optimization to remove unnecessary casts which might have been added implicitly by the query planner or explicitly by users...

Presto Summit 2019 @TwitterSF

17 May 2019 | Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski

Next month will mark the 2nd annual Presto Summit hosted by the Presto Software Foundation, Starburst Data, and Twitter. Last year’s event was a great success (see the Presto Summit...

Release 311

15 May 2019 |

This version adds standard OFFSET syntax, a new function combinations() for computing k-combinations of array elements, and support for nested collections in Cassandra. Release notes Download

Presto Community Meeting 2019-05-08

08 May 2019 |

Agenda Existing function support Function namespaces Connector-resolved functions SQL-defined functions Remote functions Polymorphic table functions

Faster S3 Reads

06 May 2019 | David Phillips

Presto is known for working well with Amazon S3. We recently made an improvement that greatly reduces network utilization and latency when reading ORC or Parquet data.

Release 310

03 May 2019 |

This version adds standard FETCH FIRST syntax, support for using an alternate AWS role when accessing S3 or Glue, and improved handling of DECIMAL, DOUBLE, and REAL when Hive table...

A review of the first international Presto Conference, Tel Aviv, April 2019

03 May 2019 | Ori Reshef, VP Product, Varada

Community, noun: “A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attributes, interests, and goals” The fun picture you see here was taken at the first lecture...

Release 309

25 Apr 2019 |

This version adds support for case-insensitive name matching in JDBC-based connectors, more data types in PostgreSQL connector, and some bug fixes. Release notes Download

Even Faster ORC

23 Apr 2019 | Dain Sundstrom, Martin Traverso

Trino is known for being the fastest SQL on Hadoop engine, and our custom ORC reader implementation is a big reason for this speed – now it is even faster!...

Release 308

12 Apr 2019 |

This version includes significant performance improvements when reading ORC data, authorization checks for SHOW COLUMNS, and limit pushdown for JDBC-based connectors. Release notes Download

Release 307

08 Apr 2019 |

This version includes some important security fixes, support for inner and outer joins involving lateral derived tables (LATERAL), new syntax for setting table comments, and performance improvements. Release notes Download...

Presto Community Meeting 2019-04-03

03 Apr 2019 |

Agenda Memory management Spilling

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